The Marketing Funnel – How to Visualize the Journey of Your Customers

Marketing funnels offer a visual representation of customers’ journey from learning about you product to purchasing it. It’s one of the most efficient tools to aid in collecting insights, detect bottlenecks and remove those.

The traditional marketing funnel broken down into four steps which are: awareness, curiosity considering, action, and awareness. These stages are modeled after the popular AIDA structure, however, they have been modified to reflect current customer behavior and technology.


Marketing funnels can’t be complete without recognition. It’s the first step towards a potential client or customer. This is your opportunity to let them know that you exist, what you are, and the ways you can help them with your needs.

There are numerous approaches to this phase of the funnel for marketing. A good strategy at this point is to present details about your business which is informative and relevant as well as entertaining and captivating. You can do this through various channels including blogging, social media, blog posts as well as webinars.

marketing funnel Another method of getting information about your brand is by sending direct mail. To increase your awareness about the products and services you offer, you can mail cards and fun, customized stickers. You can also write handwritten notes that include the logo of your brand.

Social media platforms can be utilized to contact potential customers and clients, as well as inspire them to share the services you offer and your company with their family and friends. The goal is to build a crowd who is enthusiastic about your company, and eventually they will become advocates.

The marketing funnel is ever-changing, which is why it’s important to constantly monitor and analyse it to determine whether you’re making adjustments that can improve the process for your customers. This requires both quantitative and qualitative data. Therefore, you must begin looking at these numbers to determine whether you’re getting new leads or converts in the appropriate methods.

Your company’s success is contingent on the capacity of your business to maintain your customer’s satisfaction in providing them with the services or products they require. This is measured through score of satisfaction with your customers and turnover rate, revenue recurring as well as engaged customers.

This is not a quantitative measurement however you must know the extent of the user’s engagement with every piece of content. In this case, you could observe your CTAs in your blog posts to find out which ones are driving the most conversions. This can give you more insight into which posts are the most effective in getting potential clients to the next step of your funnel.


The phase of interest is the ideal opportunity to show the capabilities of your product. The audience will evaluate your products and make a decision if they are interested in purchasing. They are looking for the best solution to meet their needs in a unique way, and yours may be the best fit.

This phase requires creativity and imagination in content and a demonstration the value of their dollars. You can do this with well-designed landing pages which highlights your best features. You might consider a live chat or FAQ to answer their last questions before they make a decision to buy your product.

If you’re able pay for it, multi-channel advertising is a great choice. The interest phase is the perfect time for you to make a statement. Social media and newsletters can be used to engage visitors again. This will encourage them to be a potential lead. It is possible to track your clients’ progress, and ensure that they’re happy every step of their journey. Using a CRM and analytics platforms like Ortto can help you obtain a clearer picture of your customers and their behaviors, helping you create higher-quality marketing collateral.

Then there is the consideration

The process of decision-making is the time when consumers evaluate the quality of your product before making an informed decision as to whether or not the product is suitable. It could take weeks or even months to reach a decision It’s vital to help them move through this process by providing helpful information as well as information.

Considerations are also a great chance for brands to grow their branding awareness. You can achieve this by making content relevant to the audience’s interests, such as comparing products or offering free trials and demonstrations.

The brand can engage prospects through messages, content that is targeted and case studies in this stage. This is a great way to help educate customers on the benefits of their purchase and demonstrate how the brand can solve their concerns.

Additionally, you can increase conversion rates by asking existing clients to share with their peers about their experience. It is the best method to boost repeat sales and can lead to increased average order values (AOV).

The existence of a properly-designed marketing funnel is essential to your business’s growth and success, but you need to keep your strategies flexible. Your marketing strategy may need adapt to stay ahead of the ever-changing digital landscape as well as advanced consumers.

When you are able to understand the buyer’s journeyyou will be able to design more successful advertising campaigns that lead your potential customers from interest to advocacy. Targeting users can be by their previous behavior.

If someone already knows your company’s name They might be following you on social media or join an email list. You could also listen to a podcast. Through mapping these interactions, you can determine the stage of the funnel they’re in , then you can target your audience with relevant messages to the state of mind they are in.

For more tips on developing your funnel, check out our blog post, What to Look for in the Marketing Funnel you are using. The article will cover the various types of funnels used in marketing and help you effectively implement them. We will provide you with ideas that will help you develop the most effective method to boost your revenue and conversion rates.


Conversion funnels help you see your clients’ complete journey. Conversion funnels can help you discern why certain customers convert more than others.

A conversion funnel can also be an effective tool for monitoring and optimizing your online marketing activities. If you evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing funnel, you can improve the experience of your users and also increase the number of the number of sales.

The process of marketing is the process that is ongoing, so it’s crucial to constantly refine your strategy of marketing in order to keep current with the changing needs of your customers. This way, you can retain your prospects interested in your company as well as entice them into making purchases.

It is an important stage in the journey of a customer since it assists in building trust with your customers. This allows you to build an ongoing relationship with your potential customers and make them more inclined to purchase from you again in the near future.

At this point, you attract potential customers towards your product or company with advertisements and other kinds of marketing. They include blog posts and social media postings.

In certain situations it is possible to use techniques for marketing that are offline to contact new customers. It is an option for those who are located in a certain area or has a specific demographic.

As an example, if you’re a food writer who is selling cookbooks, you can use your blog to attract customers who are searching for recipes. Then you can make use of your newsletters and other techniques to engage these potential customers and entice the buyers to finalize their purchase.

Each conversion offers a chance for you to win. A high conversion rate means that your site receives more traffic than it’s costing youand people are spending longer on your website as well as browsing through many more pages.

The analysis of your Analytics reports on Google Analytics data will permit you to measure the conversion rate for every step of your funnel. This data is used to evaluate if the funnel is successful.

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